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Why are my courses not showing up in my Procore Certification profile?


If you registered for a Procore Certification course before you had access to a Procore account login, you may have registered and began or completed Procore Certification courses through Now, you have access to Procore and can log into, but when you look at your profile in Procore Certification, some or all of the courses you've taken aren't showing up.

The reason why the information is missing is because you likely completed coursework from an alternative domain ( that's intended for users who do not have access to log in to Procore's web application ( As a result, when you access the Certification site at a later time using the domain ( that's intended for users that have access to a Procore account, your profile appears incomplete.

Don't worry, your course learnings are not lost. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to update your user profile in Procore's Certification site by logging in via single sign-on (SSO). Procore has set up a SSO integration between our web application and so that you can log in and authenticate yourself using your standard Procore login credentials.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to, or click the Procore Certification link under the via Support & Feedback (?) menu in Procore's web application ( 
  2. Select the course which you've previously completed or began.
  3. Click Get Started in the Course Overview page. 
    (Note: Once you register, your progress that you completed from the other domain is automatically carried over and displayed with appropriate lesson complete checkmarks.)
  4. Repeat for each course you have began or completed.
    (Note: Once you register for at least one course, select My Profile in the top-right corner to view your course registrations in the Registrations section.)

Once you have completed all lessons, you will be issued a certificate that you can download and add to your LinkedIn profile. See Add Your Procore Certified Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile.