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Why is the percentage complete less than 100% for a Procore Certification course?


If you're viewing certification information in the Procore Certification Dashboard, you might see a user who has a certificate of completion even though the course 'percent (%) complete' value is less than one hundred percent (100%). 


The course 'percent (%) complete' value should never be used as an accurate indication of course completion, because it references the percent completed of the most current version of a course and its content. Instead, the 'Completed' column should be used to determine whether or not a user completed a course.

The 'percent (%) complete' value listed for a course may be less than one hundred percent (100%) because as Procore grows and changes, we add to and update courses over time to cover new functions or features within the platform. When those changes happen, the percentage of lessons that the user actually completed when they took the course initially represent a smaller percentage of the overall course as it exists today.

common scenarios:

View the examples below to see how different scenarios are reflected in the Certification Dashboard.


  1. The student has not completed the course.
  2. The student completed the course and received a certificate of completion. New content was added to the course since the student completed it, so the 'percent (%) complete' value reflects how much of the course as it exists today was completed by the user when they took it. 
  3. The student completed the course and received a certificate of completion. Since the course hasn't been updated since the user took it, the 'percent (%) complete' value is still 100%.

if a user's course record has a completion value of less than 100%, is it expired?

No. Procore certifications do not expire when new lessons are added to the course. Students who previously completed a Procore Certification course are encouraged to revisit the course at any time to learn what has changed and complete any new lessons in an updated course.

When you notice a low 'percent (%) complete' value, it can be a good indicator that the user would benefit from revisiting the course to learn what has changed in Procore. Taking new lessons that are added to a course taken previously will update the 'percent (%) complete' value, but the completion date will not change. The completion date field stays the same to show when the user earned their certificate.