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Below are the notable changes to the company's Cost Catalog tool in 2021.


'Other' Cost Type in renamed to 'Custom' (06/08/2021)

For new and existing cost catalog items, the 'Other' catalog type now appears as 'Custom'. See Add Items to a Cost Catalog.

Updated Import Experience for Cost Catalog Items (01/07/2021)

The import process for the Cost Catalogue tool has been updated to allow for even easier imports. You can now download a template to import material items from an Excel file or import items directly from Procore or one of the following integrations: Trade Service, TigerPaw or QuickBooks. See the release page for more information.

Add Additional Catalog Items to an Assembly Item (16/04/2021)

A new 'Items Included' section has been added for assembly items in the Cost Catalogue tool. This allows you to add additional catadiary items of any cost type to assembly items. See the release page for more information.

Change the Cost Type of Items in the Cost Catalog (31/03/2021)

In addition to the Part and Assembly item types that were already available, the following cost types are now supported: Other, Equipment, Travel, Subcontractor and Labour. This means you can change the cost item types for items as needed, even after importing items. You can also choose from any of these cost item types when adding a new item to the Cost Catalogue. See the release page for more information.

Add a PDF Attachment to a Materials Catalog Item (17/03/2021)

You can now upload a PDF to attach to a new item in the Cost Catalogue. After adding the PDF to the item, it can be easily viewed and downloaded. See the release page for more information.

Select a Colour and Symbol for a Catalog Item (10/03/2021)

The Cost Catalogue Tool Has Been Updated To Allow You To Select A Colour and symbol for new and existing catadiary items. You can choose from default colours and symbols or custom ones. See the release page for more information.