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Edit People in Workforce Planning


To edit people's profile information for Workforce Planning.


For projects using Workforce Planning and Field Productivity Tools, you can update and manage the profiles for people in your workforce using the People List tool. Additional contact information, custom fields and tags can be added to better organise the people in your workforce.

The people managed in this tool are used for Workforce Planning assignments, as well as in the Crews and the Timesheets tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • Only people added in Workforce Planning can be edited in the People List tool.
  • If data syncs are enabled:
    • For projects using Workforce Planning, users and contacts MUST be added using the People List tool in Workforce Planning. People added in the Company Directory will NOT be available for Workforce Planning.
    • To see what information is added to the Company Directory, see What people information is synced between Workforce Planning and the Procore Company Directory?
    • The People List tool allows you to add additional fields related to your users and contacts that do not appear in the Company Directory.


Set up the following fields in advance if updating information for:


You can edit people information in two (2) places:

Edit People Information from the People List 

You can edit information directly on the People List by making inline edits.

  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click People and select People List.
  3. Right click OR double click the information in the row and column that you want to edit.
    Note: Fields that are editable inline have an orange border. If there is a black border, you cannot edit the field inline, but can from the People Details.
  4. Add or edit the information.
  5. Click Save.

Edit People Information from People Details 

  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click People and select People List.
  3. Locate the user record to modify. Then click on their name.
  4. Locate the 'Info' section and click Edit.
  5. Update the information in the following fields as needed:
    • First Name. Enter the new person's first name.
    • Last Name* Enter the new person's last name.
    • Job Title. Select the person's job title from the dropdown list. 
    • Email. Enter the person's email address.
      Note: If creating a User, email will be required.
    • Phone. Enter the person's phone number.
    • Employee ID#. Enter the person's Employee ID.
    • Type. Select whether the person should be a User, Assignable or Both. 
    • Enable SMS. Select whether they should receive SMS messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. See What is an assignment alert in Workforce planning?
      • Message and data rates may apply.
      • If enabling SMS notifications, a phone number is required.
    • Enable Email. Select whether they should receive email messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. See What is an assignment alert in Workforce planning?
      Note: If enabling email notifications, a phone number is required.
    • Enable Mobile Notifications. Select whether they should receive notifications through the Workforce Planning/LaborChart app. See What is the Workforce Planning/LaborChart App?
    • Group. Select the person's groups. See Configure Groups for Workforce Planning.
    • Status. Select whether the person's status is Active or Inactive.
    • Address. The person's address.
    • Address 2. The person's  address, continued.
    • City/Town. The person's city or town.
    • State/Province. The person's state or province.
    • Postcode. The person's postcode.
    • Country. The person's country of residence.
    • Hourly Wage. The person's hourly wage.
    • Date of Hire. The date the person was hired.
    • Date of Birth. The person's date of birth.
    • Language. The person's primary language.
    • Gender. The person's gender.
    • Emergency Contact Name. The name of the person's emergency contact.
    • Emergency Contact Email. The emergency contact's email address.
    • Emergency Contact Phone. The emergency contact's phone number.
    • Emergency Contact Relation. The relationship between the person and their emergency contact.
  6. Click Save.