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Below are notable changes to the project's Drawings tool in 2019. 

Move Drawings to an Existing Drawing Area (16/12/2019)

Users with 'Admin' permissions to the Drawings tool can now move drawings to an existing drawing area using the Bulk Edit feature. See Edit Drawings and How can I move drawings to another drawing area?

Bulk Compare a Drawing Set to its Previous Version (21/11/2019)

Procore has added a feature to the Drawings tool that allows users to compare an entire set of drawings to its previous version at one time. See Compare Drawing Revisions. When you compare a set of drawings, an email will be sent to you with a PDF that shows each drawing compared to its previous revision. This allows users in a project to quickly view all design changes that exist in a new set of drawings.

Sort Drawing Sets from the List View (14/11/2019)

From the List view of the Drawing Sets page, drawing sets can now be sorted by set name, set date, published drawings count or unpublished drawings count. See Search for and Filter Drawings.

Ability to Upload Drawings with the Same Revision (01/11/2019)

Procore now allows a drawing with the same title and revision to be published to the project's Drawings log, as long as one of the following fields is unique: Drawing Revision Number, Set Name, Drawing Date or Received Date. While having drawings with duplicate revisions in the project is not considered best practice, this allows users to enter the exact drawing information that was received when uploading and reviewing drawings. See Can I upload drawings with the same revision? 

New Granular Permission for Uploading and Reviewing Drawings (17/10/2019)

A new granular permission for the Drawings tool is now available to enable on permission templates in the Company level Directory tool. The 'Upload and Review Drawings' permission allows users to review and confirm drawings they have uploaded. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template and Review and Confirm Drawings.

Move Drawings to a New Drawing Area (17/9/2019)

Users with 'Admin' permissions to the Drawings tool can now move drawings to a new drawing area using the Bulk Edit feature. See Edit Drawings and How can I move drawings to another drawing area?

Drawings Tool Now Remembers Recent Searches (12/9/2019)

Procore has updated the Drawings tool to remember your last five (5) recent searches. The list of recent search terms now appears when you click the Search bar.  Search for and Filter Drawings.

Create Coordination Issues on a Drawing (12/9/2019)

Procore has added the ability for users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions to the Drawings and Co-ordination Issues Tools to create co-ordination issues while on a drawing on Procore Web. See Create Co-ordination Issues on a Drawing.

Added a 'Measurements Report' to the Drawings Tool (13/8/2019)

Procore has added a new report that lists any measurements that have been added to drawings using the measurement markup tools. See View the Measurements Report for Drawings.

Thumbnail View Now 'Sticky' (12/7/2019)

The Thumbnail view of the Drawings log is now 'sticky' between sessions. Previously, when you switched from the List view to the Thumbnail view, the view didn't stick. 

New Markup Tool for Adding Coordination Issues to a Drawing (3/6/2019)

For projects using the Co-ordination Issues tool, a new 'CI' markup tool is now available in the Drawings tool. This allows users to add pins on a drawing to link existing co-ordination issues. See Add Co-ordination Issues to a Drawing.

Modified Search Options for Drawings (19/4/2019)

You can now search specifically for drawing numbers or titles using search modifiers (e.g. "number:" and "title:") in the search bar. See Search For and Filter Drawings.

Search Text Within Drawings (19/3/2019)

You can now use the search bar in the Drawings tool to search for specific keywords or terms that appear on your drawings. Procore also highlights the search term on each drawing, making it easier to find what you are looking for. See Search Text Within Drawings.

Rotate Individual Drawings During the Review Phase (19/2/2019)

If you are in the process of reviewing and confirming drawings and notice that a drawing is not in the correct orientation, you can now rotate the PDF on the Drawing Review page before confirming the drawing. See Can I rotate a drawing in Procore?

Drawings Tool Opens to Last Viewed Drawing Area (16/1/2019)

For users with Drawings Areas enabled, drawing areas have been made "sticky." This means when you navigate to the Drawings tool, you will see the drawings list page of the area you last viewed instead of the Drawing Areas page.