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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Inspections tool in 2016. 

Fixed Issue With Filter Options (7/12/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to scope the filter options for inspections to view pages. End users will now only see filter options relevant to the page they are viewing, they will long see filter options that are not relevant to the page being viewed.

Added Distribution Field To Inspections Tool (11/11/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to add the Distribution field. Users added as members of the distribution list are allowed to see an inspection if it is marked 'Private'.

'Inspector' Now Auto-Fills With 'Creator' Value In Project Inspections (27/10/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to auto-fill the 'Inspector' field with the 'Creator' (this is the new default behaviour) when creating Project level Inspections.

Added Date Range Filter To Observations Tool (13/10/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to add the Date Range filter from the Reports tool to the Observations tool's filter builder.

Added 'Items Inspected' Column To Inspections Tool (19/9/2016)

Added an 'Items Inspected' Column to the List view in the Project level Inspections tool.

Updated Observations Created From Inspections Chart (16/9/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to so that the circular progress indicators on the 'Observations Created from Inspections' chart shows 'Closed Obsv.' instead of 'Open Obsv.' See View Project Level Inspections.

Modified A Column Header In Inspections Tool List View (7/9/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to modify the List view as follows: Changed the 'Open Observations' column to 'Closed Observations' and removed the percentage amounts to replace with a total.

Added Ability To Mark Inspections As Private To Inspections Tool (18/8/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to add the ability to mark inspections as 'Private.' The default setting is that Inspections are not 'Private.'

Activity Feed For 'Closed' Inspections Is Now View-Only (25/7/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to change the behaviour of the Activity Feed for 'Closed' inspections so it is now View-Only.

Added Ability To Mark All Items In Inspections Tool As 'N/A' (30/6/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool so users can now Mark All items in inspection sections as 'N/A' via a toggle in the section headers. When a item is already marked, a popup will appear confirming the change of all the items in that section to N/A.

Added Observation Item Account To Inspections Tool (20/6/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to add an 'Observation Item Count' column to the Inspections List page. The columns shows number of open observations out of the total observations that have been created from inspections.

Updated Behaviour Of Create Observations In Inspections Tool (20/6/2016)

Updated the Inspections and Observations tool so that now, when a user creates a new observation from an inspection, the 'Point of Contact' and 'Assignee' fields function as follows:  (1) If the person assigned as the 'Point of Contact' on the inspection has 'Standard' level permission or higher, that person's name will be pre-filled as the 'Assignee' field in the new observation, and (2) If the person assigned as the 'Point of Contact' on the inspection has 'Read Only' permissions or lower, the 'Assignee' field will be blank on the new observation.

Added Origin Field On Create New Observation Page (1/6/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to add a read-only field labelled 'Origin' on the Create New Observation page.

Updated Inspections With New Progress Indicators (19/5/2016)

Updated the Company and Project level Inspections tool to add spinning progress indicators to improve the user experience of the following pages while information in the Inspections Log's  view page, the edit page (the subtabs were also removed from this page only), and the Recycle Bin.

Added Change History Subtab To Inspection Templates (17/5/2016)

Updated the Company and Project level Inspections tools to add a new Change History subtab on inspection templates.

Added A Site Safety Audit Inspection Template To Inspections Tool (5/5/2016)

The Inspections tool includes an industry-led Site Safety Audit Inspection template that you can use as starting point for customizing your project's own site safety template. For details see, How do I apply the Site Safety Inspection Template to a Project?

Updated Spec Section Drop-Down List In Inspections Tool (5/5/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to deploy user experience improvements the Spec Section drop-down list. Improved scrolling, type ahead and users can now press the arrow keys to select an option.

Added a Confirmation Prompt For Delete Actions On Template Sections (29/4/2016)

Added a confirmation prompt that now requires users confirm the action when attempting to delete a section from an Inspection Template. The confirmation message reads, "Warning: Deleting this section will also delete all the items within the section Do you wish to proceed?" Click Yes to confirm the action. 

Users Can Now Delete Inspection Types (19/4/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool to allow the user to delete Inspection Types when the Type is only associated to inspection templates that already exist in the Recycle Bin.

Updated Permissions On Point Of Contact Drop-Down List On Inspections Tool (7/4/2016)

Updated the Inspections tool so that now any user in the project's Directory tool can be assigned as a point of contact on an inspection. To appear as a selection in the Point of Contact drop-down list, the user must be: (1) An active user in the Company Directory and Project Directory. (2) Designated as the Responsible Party for the Responsible Contractor in the company's record in the Directory. (3) 'None' or above level permissions on the Inspections tool.

Added A New Tooltip For Observations From Inspections (24/3/2016)

When a user hovers over an observation in the activity stream, a new tool tip shows the Assignee, Assignee Company, Date Initiated and Due Date.

Added A Distribution Drop-Down List To Observations Page From Inspections (17/3/2016)

Added a new Distribution drop-down list to the Create Observations page that is used to create an observation from an inspection.

Added Permissions For Inspections Tool To Default Permission Templates (29/2/2016)

Added permissions to the default permission templates for the Inspections tool. These permissions are only applied when new companies are created, they are not applied retroactively to existing companies. 

Updated Spec Section Drop Down List To Account For Specifications Tool (25/2/2016)

The Inspections tool has been updated so that the Spec Section drop-down list used when creating an inspection (see Create a Project Level Inspection) now behaves as follows:

  • When the Specifications tool is enabled on a project:
    • The selections in the Spec Section drop-down menu are populated with the spec sections from the project's Specifications tool. See Add and Edit Spec Sections.
    • When a spec section is attached, users can click the link on the view page for an inspection to open the spec in a separate PDF viewer.
  • When the Specifications tool is disabled on a project:
Updated Permissions For Observations Created From The Inspections Tool (23/2/2016)

When a user with 'Admin' level permissions to the Observations tool creates an observation from the Inspections tool, that user can now designate Assignees who have 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions to the Observations tool. Prior to this update, the programme was permitting users to select Assignees with 'Read Only' permissions to the Observations tool. In addition, when a user assigned 'Standard' level access permissions to the Observations tool creates an observation from the Inspections tool, they can only select Assignees who have 'Admin' level access to the Observations tool. See Create an Observation from an Inspection

Updated Permissions For Create Observations Button In Inspections Tool (16/2/2016)

When viewing an inspection in the Inspections tool, a user must have 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions to both Inspections and Observations tool in order to see the Create Observations button.

When Specifications Tool Is Enabled The Specs List In Inspections Is Grouped (16/2/2016)

If the Project level Specifications tool is enabled, the Specifications drop-down list in the Inspections tool now groups items by Division Number. If the Specifications tool is disabled, it will display a standard list of items. See Enable the Specifications Tool.