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Procore (en-GB)



  • Added An Assignee Company Column In The Snag List Tool (29/12/2015). The My Snag List Items page of the Snag List tool now includes an Assignee Company column. 


  • Added Option to Include Photos With Snag List PDF (25/11/2015). Users now have the option to include photos and drawings that contain published snag list items in PDF exports. 


  • Added Location As Searchable Field For Snag List (23/9/2015). Locations are now searchable on a Snag List. See Search the Snag List for more details.


  • Added Filter To Snag Lists For Contractor Assignee Company (28/7/2015). Users are now able to filter Snag List items by Assignee Company.


  • Snag Item List View: Server Side Sorting/Delayed Reporting (15/1/2015). Snag list now has added functionality of server side sorting and delayed report generator for CSV and PDF.