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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Snag List tool in 2016. 

Added 'Previous' And 'Next' Buttons To Snag List Detail View (21/12/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to add 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to the Details view so that users can move along a list of items without having to navigate back to the List view.

Added Date Notified Column To Snag List (16/12/2017)

Updated the Snag List Tool to add a 'Date Notified' column to the Snag List tool. If Assignees are added (after the initial snag item has been sent out), Procore will send an Action Required email to the new Assignee and update the 'Date Notified' column when the snag item is saved.

Fixed Refresh Issue With Default Settings In Snag List Templates (7/12/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to fix an issue where the default settings (e.g., the 'Default Trade' and the 'Default Assignee') set for snag Templates was not populating as expected until the page was refreshed. This has been fixed.

Set Default Trade & Default Assignee For Snag List Templates (7/11/2016)

Updated the Project level Snag List tool to give users the ability to define the 'Default Trade' and 'Default Assignee' that appears when creating a project level Snag Item Template for a category. Users with 'Admin' permission can now click Configure Snag List Settings. Next, in the right sidebar, click Snag List Templates. In the page that appears, select the desired values from the 'Default Trade' and 'Default Assignee' lists. Users can also make each snag item template active or inactive for the project. 

Fixed Create Snag Item Types Issue (25/8/2016)

Updated the 'Configure Snag List Settings' page of the Snag List tool to fix an issue where users were not able to add new 'Snag Items Types'. This has been fixed.

Fixed Sort Order Of Locations In Snag List Tool (10/8/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool and Project level Admin tab to fix an issue where locations would not appear in alphanumerical order in the Locations drop-down list.

Show Only The General Subtab When Editing A Snag Item (8/8/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool so that now when a user edits a snag item, the system shows only the General subtab. TheComments, Related Items, Emails and Change History Subtabs are hidden on the Snag List tool's edit page.

Restyled The Ready To Be Sent Notification Banner In Snag List Tool (3/8/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to restyle the notification banner that appears when snag items are ready to be sent. The banner appears at the top of the List view that is visible to 'Admin' users on the tool. Users can then click the Email Snag Item(s) button on the sidebar to send out the notification for the snag items.

Added An Attachment Viewer To The Snag List Tool (25/7/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to add an attachment viewer. 

Improved Custom Snag List Reports (14/7/2016)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add 'Trade' as an available field for custom reports that include data from the Snag List tool.

Added 'Trade' Field To Snag List Tool (2/6/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to add a 'Trade' field to snag items. This field has been added to the Show, Create and Edit page for snag items, as well as to the CSV and PDF exports, as a new column on Snag List (all Views), and is available as a search and filter item.

Updated Numbering Rules For Snag List Items (2/6/2016)

Updated the Snag List tool to permit users to edit the snag item number and to allow multiple snag items to have the same number.

Changed Snag List Pin Behaviour In Drawings Tool (16/5/2016)

Updated the Drawings tool to change the behaviour of the pins during Publish/Loading so that the pins become grayed out and unavailable after their status is changed to 'Closed.'

Changed Behaviour Of 'Filter Snag List Items By' In Snag List Tool (17/3/2016)

Updated the behaviour of the drop-down lists in the Filter Snag List Items By menu of the Project level Snag List tool. For the Assignee, Assignee Company and Location drop-down lists, menu selections for those items will only appear when a snag list item includes that information. Prior to the fix, these lists were showing all of the available selects on the project.

Photo Attachments Now Available Snag List Emails On Mobile App (9/2/2016)

Photo attachments that were included in email forwards for Snag List items were not visible to mobile app users. This issue has been resolved. Mobile users can now see these photo attachments. 

Restored The Ability To Import Closed Snag List Items (15/1/2016)

A user reported the Snag List tool was incorrectly importing only Open items. This issue has been fixed.