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Procore (en-GB)

Release Notes

Below are notable changes to the project's Programme tool. 

Recent Changes

Create a Report on Requested Changes for the Programme Tool (17/04/2020)  

'Requested Changes' has been added as an option when creating a custom report on Programme Tasks in the project's Reports tool. This allows users with appropriate permissions to the project's Reports tool to create custom reports on requested programme changes in the project's Programme tool. See Create a Custom Project Report. A new customisable report with data on pending programme variation requests called 'Variation Requests' has also been added to the Programme Reports section in the Project level Reports tool.

Export Gantt View to CSV (19/03/2020)  

The Project level Programme tool has been updated to allow the Gantt view of a project's programme to be exported as a CSV file. See Export a Project Programme.

Updated Gantt Chart View (25/02/2020)  

The Gantt view of the Project level Programme tool has been redesigned with a refined look and expanded functionality. This update makes it easier to navigate through the programme and view important information. See View a Project Programme.
Note: Since the updated Gantt chart provides a more comprehensive and flexible experience with several new features, the Microsoft Project Viewer in Procore has been removed. In addition, the Gantt Chart settings (such as 'Enable MS Project Viewer Gantt Chart' and Task Level colours) are no longer available in the Programme tool's Configure Settings page.

All Changes