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Release Notes for 2020-11-02

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, October 30, 2020.


Procore Search
Search Custom Fields for Select Procore Tools

You can now use Procore Search to search for certain custom fields in a project's Drawings, Incidents, Inspections, Observations and Snag List tools. With this release, you can search for custom fields of the Plain Text, Rich Text or Number field types. See Which project tools support Procore Search? and Search for Items Within a Project Using Procore Search.

Core Tools

New Custom Fields 'Field Type' for Selecting Single Users

Custom fields for the project's Correspondence and Submittals tools can now be created using the 'Project Directory User (Single Select)' field type. When configured, this field will be a drop-down menu that allows users to select a user from the Project Directory. See Create New Custom Fields.


No notable changes.

Project Management

No notable changes.

Financial Management

ERP Integrations
Assign Main Contract Variations (MCVs) to Multiple Main Contract Line Items

Company accounts using the ERP Integrations tool can now assign Main Contract Variations (MCVs) created in Procore to multiple line items on a main contract’s Bill of Quantities (BOQ) before exporting to Viewpoint® Spectrum®. Exports also include the appropriate financial markup--both vertical and horizontal. See What is the difference between horizontal and vertical financial markup on main contract variations?

Resource Management

Daywork Sheets
New Custom Fields for Daywork Sheets

Procore has updated the Company level Admin tool to give you the ability to create custom fields for the Daywork Sheets tool. Creating new custom fields is helpful when your company wants to track extra details related to the Daywork Sheets created in the field. See Admin: Create Custom Fields for the Daywork Sheets Tool.

App Marketplace

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