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Daywork Sheets: Add New Worker When Recording Labour on a Daywork Sheet

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Feature Released: August 05, 2021

Add New Worker When Recording Labour on a Daywork Sheet

Procore is updating the project level Daywork Sheets tool to respect the directory 'Create Contacts' granular permissions that gives users the ability to add new workers on Daywork Sheets and Crews, see Add New Workers on a Daywork Sheet and Add Worker in Crews.

This update will allow users to add workers who have not been added to the project directory to a Daywork Sheet. Users will also be able to add workers to new or existing sheets. Once a worker is added they will also be accessible in the both the Crews and Timesheets tools and added as a contact in both the Project Directory and Company Directory, see Edit a Daywork Sheet.


To add a new worker click the + Add Work button and record the following fields:

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Employee ID
  • Classification

Note: Fields marked with an * asterisk are required.

Notes: If the worker already has been added on a previous project users there name will appear in the Select Employee dropdown to be quickly added to the project and help prevent the creation of duplicate workers.  

Worker records are added to the Project and Company level Directory tools in the 'Contacts' tab. To view those records, see Switch Between Views in the Project Directory and Switch Between Views in the Company Directory.

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