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How can I check who has permissions to see a type of correspondence?


  1. Navigate to the project's Correspondence tool.
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon and select the correspondence type you want to view user permissions for.
  3. Click Permissions Table in the sidebar.
    The User Permissions table displays for the correspondence type.
    • The green tick green-check.png icon indicates the permission level the user has been granted on the correspondence type: 'None', 'Read Only', 'Standard' or 'Admin'.
    • The red red-x.png icon indicates which permission levels are not assigned to the user.
    • The grey icon-permissions-admin-x.png icon indicates which permission levels are not assigned to the user and cannot currently be changed since the user has been assigned a project permissions template. To change their permissions in the Project level Directory tool, see Change a User's Permissions in the Project Directory.
      See User Permissions Matrix - Web and User Permission Matrix - Mobile for more information about the different actions that can be performed by users with the permission level you select.
  4. To change a user's permission level on the correspondence type when they do not have a project permissions template assigned, click the red red-x.png icon for the permission level you want to grant to the user.
    The red red-x.png icon is replaced with green tick green-check.png icon and the user's permission level to the correspondence type is automatically saved.