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How do notifications work for the Conversations tool in Procore?

 In Beta
The Conversations tool is currently in beta. For more information, see Getting Started with Procore Conversations and How do I opt in to the beta for Procore Conversations?


Procore's Conversations tool provides an easy and accessible solution for individuals to communicate using in-app messaging. Individuals can start conversations related to specific items or tools within projects and also have general direct messages and group messages. Messages sent from the Conversations tool on the Procore web application are available as push notifications with the mobile app to make communication even more seamless.


  • Notifications for new messages are displayed in the Conversations tool in Procore as follows:
    • Unread messages in the Conversations tool are shown in bold text.
    • If you are mentioned in a conversation or receive a new message, a notification badge icon-notification-badge-cnvs.png is shown next to the relevant message in the Conversations tool until you view it. See Mention a User in a Conversation and Send a Message in the Conversations Tool.
      Note: The number in the badge indicates the number of new messages in the conversation.
  • If you have push notifications enabled for the Conversations tool in the Procore mobile app, you will receive notifications for new messages on your mobile device. See Conversations (iOS) or Conversations (Android).
  • At this time, no emails are sent to notify users of new messages sent through the Conversations tool.