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How do notifications work for the Conversations tool in Procore?


Procore's Conversations tool provides an easy and accessible solution for individuals to communicate using in-app messaging. Individuals can start conversations related to specific items or tools within projects and also have general direct messages and group messages. Messages sent from the Conversations tool on the Procore web application are available as push notifications with the mobile app to make communication even more seamless.


Notification banners and badges are used to alert you to new messages you receive in the Conversations tool. At this time, no separate email notifications are sent.

  • If you allow in-app notifications on the Procore web application, a message will briefly show in the top right corner of your screen when you receive a new message. See Manage In-App Notifications for the Conversations Tool.
    • If you allow Procore notifications in your web browser, the message will show even if you are on another tab outside of Procore. 
      Note: In order to receive browser notifications outside of a Procore tab, you must allow Procore notifications when asked. If you previously blocked notifications, you can still manage notifications in your browser's settings. 
  • If you have push notifications enabled for the Conversations tool in the Procore mobile app, you will receive notifications for new messages on your mobile device. See Manage Push Notifications for the Conversations Tool (iOS) or Manage Push Notifications for the Conversations Tool (Android).

When you have unread messages in the Conversations tool, notifications are shown in the following areas of the Procore web application (refer to the image below):


  • The number of unread messages is shown on the Conversations icon-conversations.png icon in the navigation menu, which is visible from anywhere in the Procore web application.
  • Within the Conversations tool, unread messages appear in bold text and have a notification badge icon-notification-badge-cnvs.png with the number of unread messages.
  • Notification badges show until you view all unread messages.