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How do permissions work for the Conversations tool?


While most tools in Procore have a standard set of permissions to assign to users, the Conversations tool (if enabled for a project) can be used by anyone in the project's Directory, with some limitations (described below).


For Items Marked as Private  

The table below outlines the types of users who can be involved in conversations for items that are marked as 'Private' in the following tools:

Tool Users who can view, create, participate in or be mentioned:
  • Users with 'Admin' permission to the RFI tool
  • RFI Manager
  • Creator
  • Assignee
  • Members of RFI distribution list
  • Users with 'Admin' permission to the Observations tool
  • Assignee
  • Creator
  • Members of Observation distribution list
  • Users with 'Admin' permission to the Submittals tool
  • Creator
  • Approvers
  • Submittal Manager
  • Members of Submittal distribution list
Snag List
  • Users with 'Admin' permission to the Snag List tool
  • Assignee(s)
  • Creator
  • Snag item manager
  • Final approver
  • Members of Snag distribution list
  • Users with 'Admin' permission to the Commitments tool
  • Creator
  • Users selected in Private List


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