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What are App Configurations and how do I work with them?


Apps you install in Procore companies are managed using App configurations. This article defines what an App configuration is and how Procore company administrators and project users can create and manage them.

App Configurations Explained

Apps you install in a Procore company must first be configured in order for Procore project users to access the extended functionality those Apps provide. An App can either be configured at the company level for access by all users or at the project level with customised project-specific settings. App developers may define custom properties or configuration fields, that can be used to tailor the operation and behaviour of an App to the specific needs of a given company or project. For example, a project site camera App might require a camera ID number as a required App configurable field in order to associate the proper image feed with a particular project. Each App configuration includes a user-defined title along with values for any required or optional configuration fields as defined by the App developer.

After an App is installed, company administrators use the Company Admin tool to create an App configuration that applies either to the entire company (company level) or to one or more projects specifically (project level). Project level App configurations apply settings to individual projects or to multiple projects within a company. Project level configurations can be also be applied globally to all active and future projects.

Creating App Configurations

Note that project users, regardless of their permissions, are allowed to create project level App configurations, but are not allowed to edit or delete them. As a company administrator, you can elect to prevent all project users from configuring Apps in projects. Please reach out to your Procore Customer Success Manager to enable this setting.