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What are custom workflows and which Procore tools support them?


In Procore, a custom workflow is a process that defines an approval path that is unique to your business. Currently, there are two (2) ways to create a custom workflow in Procore:

  • Create a custom workflow template using the Company Level Workflows Tool. If you are a beta program participant, you can create a custom workflow for select tools using Procore's self-service Company level Workflows tool. To learn how to build your custom workflows, visit the Company level Workflows page. 
  • Engage the Procore Custom Solutions Team to develop a custom workflow as an add-on service. If you would prefer to have Procore build your custom workflows for you or if you want a custom workflow for a tool not listed below, your company's Procore Administrator can engage Procore's Custom Solutions Team. To learn more about this add-on service, visit Procore Custom Solutions

Supported Tools

The Company level Workflows tool allows you to create and manage one (1) or multiple custom workflows for use with these Procore project tools:

Procore Tool Workflow Item(s) To learn more...
Budget Budget Change







Create a Custom Workflow Template


Subcontractor Payment application 
Subcontract/Purchase Order
Commitment Variation - Single Tier
Commitment Potential Variation
Main Contracts 

Owner Payment application

Main Contract

Main Variation - Single Tier

Main Potential Variation
Correspondence Correspondence Item