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What are the default statuses for change events in Procore?


In Procore, there are four (4) statuses that you can assign to a change event. Your company's Procore Administrator also has the ability to configure custom statuses that are unique to your company's Procore account. To learn how to configure custom statuses for change events, see Customise Change Event Statuses.


The table below details the different statuses that are available in Procore by default for change events. 

Status Description
  • This status indicates the change event is open and Procore users are actively managing items related to the change event. For example, a budget modification, Potential Variation (PV) and/or Request for Quote (RFQ).
  • This is Procore's default status for a new change event. 
  • This status indicates the change event and all related items (such as RFQs and variations) are complete. 
  • This status indicates the change event is waiting to be reviewed.
  • This status indicates no change resulted from the change event. 
  • Procore recommends applying this status to unneeded change events to ensure the void action is recorded in the change events list. However, many users choose to send the unneeded change event to the Recycle Bind. See Delete a Change Event.
  • To view voided events, select Void or All (Include Void) from the Add Filters menu on the Change Events list page.