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What are the new Invoicing Betas?

We've listened to your feedback and partnered with several of you to build a comprehensive invoicing solution. You can register for the webinar to learn about all of the new enhancements and see how you can streamline your invoicing process to get paid faster. If you like what you see, you can opt-in to receive these improvements in advance of the general release. 

Here's a sneak peak of the functionality that will be previewed in the beta and that you can opt-in to before the general release:

Payment Applications

  • Custom billing groups
  • Showing variation values in line with the original BOQ values
  • Showing variations broken down by line item

Payment Applications

  • Creating a General BOQ
  • Allowing your (sub)contractors to collaborate in the breakdown of that BOQ for use on the payment application. 

To learn more about features and functionality included in each beta, click the links below:

Information about Payment Application Beta Features

Information about Subcontractor BOQ Beta Features