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Procore (en-GB)

What granular permissions are available for the project's Site Diary tool?


In Procore, the term granular permissions refers to task-based privileges that can be granted to users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on certain tools through the users' assigned permissions templates. The table below shows the granular permissions that are available for the project's Site Diary tool.


Mark only one of the granular permission tickboxes for the Site Diary tool. If both tickboxes are marked, 'Collaborator Entry Only' will override 'Standard Users Can Edit and Delete Own Entries'.
Granular Permission Name Granular Permission Description
Collaborator Entry Only 1 Grants 'Read Only' or 'Standard' users the privilege to create entries in the Manpower, Notes, Deliveries and Daily Construction Report sections of the Site Diary. See Create Site Diary Entries as a Collaborator and Approve Collaborator-submitted Site Diary Entries.
Standard Users Can Edit and Delete Own Entries 2 Grants 'Standard' users the privilege to add, edit and delete their own entries in any section of the Site Diary, as long as the day has not been marked as complete. See Mark a Site Diary as Complete.
  1.  Notes:
    • By default, the Daily Construction Report log is not enabled on projects. Users with 'Admin' permissions on the Site Diary can turn logs on or off for a project in the Site Diary's configure settings
    • 'Standard' users without granular permissions can create entries for any log that is enabled on the project. If 'Standard' users are granted the 'Collaborator Entry Only' privilege, they will only be able to view and add entries to the four logs mentioned above, however, they will be able to edit their entries until they are approved.
    • The granular permission for 'collaborator entry' has to be on a global permission template OR a project permission template before the option is available in the Site Diary configuration settings.
  2. To grant this privilege:
    • The permissions must be set to 'Standard.'
    • The 'Standard Users Can Edit and Delete Own Entries' checkbox must be marked.
    • The 'Collaborator Entry Only' checkbox must be cleared.