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What is an invoice administrator?


An Payment application Administrator is a person or group of people responsible for collecting, reviewing and creating payment applications in Procore. A payment application administrator can be any person in your organisation (for example, a project manager, an accountant or a team of bookkeepers) who have been granted the appropriate permissions to manage payment applications on your contracts and/or fundings.  

Common Questions

How do I add payment application Administrators to Procore?

To add a payment application administrator:

  1. A company admin should provide the person with a Procore user account in the Company level Directory tool. See Add a User Account to the Company Directory
  2. A company admin or project admin should make sure the user has been added to the Procore project that contains the payment applications they manage. See Add an Existing User to Projects in Your Company's Procore Account.
  3. A project admin can then grant the payment application administrator these permissions:
  • To administer subcontractor payment applications. 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Commitments tool.
  • To administer main contract payment applications. 'Admin' level permissions on the Project level Main Contracts tool. 
Tool permissions are allocated on a project-by-project basis. It is recommended that your company manage these permissions with a project permissions template. See Create a Project Permissions Template.

Why are payment application administrator permissions managed in Procore's Contract Management tools?

Because the Payment applications tool lets users view and access payment applications created in Procore's other contract management tools:

  • Subcontractor payment applications are created for commitments, so permissions are managed with the Commitments tool.
  • Main contract payment applications are created for main contracts, so permissions are managed with the Main Contracts tool. 

Do payment application administrators need to be granted special access to Procore tools? 

No. Payment application administrators only need permissions for the Project level tools that contain the specific payment applications they manage.

What can payment application administrators add or update in Procore? 

With 'Admin' level permissions, payment application administrators can perform all available tasks within their accessible tools.

Can payment application administrators designate payment application contacts? 

Yes. Payment application administrators have permission to designate payment application contacts for subcontractor payment applications on a project's commitments. See How do I designate a user as a payment application contact?