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What is a Procore plugin and what is it used for?


A plugin is a software component that is installed onto your computer to add a feature into an existing application. Procore offers two Building Information Modelling (BIM) plugins to use in programmes such as Autodesk® Navisworks®, Revit® and AutoCAD®. See Procore BIM Plugins. After the plugins are installed, the respective programme will have a 'Procore' tab where you can perform tasks designed to streamline your BIM workflows.

There are two separate installers described below:

VDC Plugin for Co-ordination Issues, Models and Locations

Allows you to create and manage co-ordination issues directly in Navisworks®, publish models from Navisworks® for use on mobile and web viewers and publish grid information from Revit® to leverage 2D Views on iOS. You can also streamline your project locations setup by exporting Levels and Rooms directly out of Revit® to Locations in Procore. 


  • You must have the Co-ordination Issues or Models tools in Procore to use the plugin for Navisworks® or 2D Views feature.
  • You must have Admin permissions to the project's Admin tool in order to export locations from Revit®. 

Documents Plugin for Autodesk®

Allows you to export content directly from AutoCAD® or Revit® to the Documents tool in Procore, open and append Procore documents into Navisworks® and save files to the Documents tool in Procore.

Note: You must have access to a project's Documents tool in Procore. 


  • The Procore plugins can only be used on Windows computers and must be installed on the same computer that you have Navisworks®, Revit® or AutoCAD® installed. 
  • The following applications are currently supported:

    • Navisworks® Manage (versions 2019-2024).
    • Navisworks® Simulate (versions 2019-2024).
    • Revit® (2019-2024).
    • AutoCAD® products (2019-2024):
      • AutoCAD Electrical
      • AutoCAD Mechanical
      • Architectural Desktop
      • Inventor Professional
      • Inventor Professional for Routed Systems
      • Inventor Professional for Simulation
      • Inventor Series
      • AutoCAD OEM
      • AutoCAD
      • Autodesk Civil
      • Autodesk Civil 3D
      • Land Desktop
      • AutoCAD Map 3D
      • AutoCAD MEP
      • AutoCAD Plant 3D
      • AutoCAD P & ID - 2D