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When does the RFIs tool send email notifications?


By default, the Project level RFIs tool sends the following automated email notifications when these email events are completed in the tool. You can customise these settings for your organization by following the steps in Configure Settings: RFIs.

'Action Required' emails cannot be turned ON or OFF.
Email Event Enable Email 1 Creator RFI Manager Assignees  Distribution
Ball In Court Shift 2 icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png
Closed icon-green-checkmark.png icon-green-checkmark.png
Created icon-x-red.png icon-green-checkmark.png icon-green-checkmark.png
Draft Created icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png
Due Date Changed icon-x-red.png icon-green-checkmark.png icon-x-red.png
Reassigned icon-x-red.png icon-green-checkmark.png 3
Reopened icon-x-red.png
Response Added icon-x-red.png

1 If you want to prevent Procore from sending emails to all recipients when an event occurs, clear the mark on the 'Enable Email' checkbox for the event.

2 If you want to prevent Procore from sending emails to all recipients when the Ball In Court responsibility shifts to a different user, clear the mark on the 'Enable Email' tickbox for the 'Ball In Court Shift' event.
Important! Please note that clearing this setting will NOT disable the automatic BIC shift emails that are sent when an RFI is moved to the 'Open' state. 

3 If you want to send an email only to the new assignee, place a mark in the 'Assignees' checkbox for the 'Reassigned' event. This is the default setting. 

How to Configure Email Settings in RFIs

To configure email settings, see Configure Settings: RFIs


Below are examples of the email notifications that are sent by the RFIs tool.

Ball In Court Shift Closed Created
action-required-for-rfi.png rfi-closed.png new-rfi-email.png
Draft Created Due Date Changed New Question Added
draft-created.png due-date-changed.png new-rfi-email.png
Reassigned Reopened Response Added
new-rfi-email.png rfi-reopened.png response-to-rfi.png

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