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When does the Tasks tool send email notifications?


The project's Tasks tool sends out various automatic email notifications when certain events take place on a task item. The table below shows the default email notification settings. These settings cannot be modified.

Email Event Creator Assignee
Task Created 1 icon-green-checkmark.png icon-green-checkmark.png
Task Assignee Changed icon-x-red.png icon-green-checkmark.png
Task Closed icon-x-red.png icon-x-red.png
Task Overdue - Status (Initiated or In Progress) icon-x-red.png icon-green-checkmark.png
Task Overdue - Status (Ready for Review) icon-green-checkmark.png icon-x-red.png

1 Emails are not sent immediately upon creation. Emails will be delivered after the tasks are sent using the banner at the top of the page.

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