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Add a Task

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closed beta: ability to assign tasks to multiple users
The ability to assign a task to more than one (1) user is currently in closed beta. This feature is not available to a general audience at this time.


To add a task to the project's Task tool. 


The Tasks tool gives you the ability to track and manage action items during a construction project's lifespan. Using this tool, you can create a task with a due date and assign it to one or more project users. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To add a task and assign it to user(s) with 'Admin' level permissions, 'Standard' permission on the project's Tasks tool. 
    • To add a task and assign it to user(s) with 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions, 'Admin' permission on the project's Tasks tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • Overdue notification summary emails are sent once a day to the Assignee(s) of a task when the task is past due AND in the 'Initiated' or 'In Progress' status. 
    • Overdue emails are NOT sent when a task is in the 'Closed', 'Void' or 'Ready for Review' status.


  1. Navigate to the project's Tasks tool. 
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the following information:
    Note: An asterisk (*) denotes a required field. 
    • # (Number)*: Enter a number for the task.
      Note: The system assigns numbers to tasks in sequential order and duplicate numbers are NOT permitted.
    • Title*: Enter a descriptive title for the task.
    • Status: Select one of the available statuses.
      • Initiated: Indicates the task has been created. This is the default status. 
      • In Progress: Indicates work on the task has started. 
      • Ready for Review: Indicates the task is complete and ready for review. 
      • Closed: Indicates the task and review of the work has been successfully completed. 
      • Void: Indicates the task has been voided. 
    • Assignee(s): Select one or more project users from the drop-down menu or select None if there is no assignee. 
    • Due Date: Enter or select a date from the calendar for the task to be due.
      Note: The Due Date field is automatically populated based on the default number of days specified on the Tasks tool's Configure Settings page. See Configure Advanced Settings: Tasks. The due date also respects which days are set as 'working days' for the project. See Set Project Working Days.
    • Category: Select a predefined category associated with the task.
      Note: Task categories are managed at the company level. See Add Task Categories. 
    • Description: Type a brief summary describing the task. 
    • Attachments: Click Attach File(s) or use a drag-and-drop operation to attach files to the task. 
    • Private: Place a tick in this box to make the task private.
      Note: Private tasks are only visible to the task's creator, assignee(s) and users with 'Admin' level permission on the project's Tasks tool. 
  4. Click Add.
    A banner appears to indicate the task has been created and the system adds your new task to the display table.
    Note: The task also becomes visible on each assignee's My Open Items page in the Company level Portfolio tool and the Project level Home page. 
  5. Click Send Mine or Send All in the banner above the Tasks list page to send a digest email to assignees and creators of all of the tasks that have yet to be sent. The Tasks 'Date Notified' will be set to the date the Send button was clicked.
    • Send Mine: Clicking this option will send tasks that you have created. 
    • Send All: Clicking this option will send all tasks that are ready to be sent. Be sure to speak with other team members to make sure that all tasks are ready to go out.
      • Changes to assignees will create a new notification.
      • Assignees can only send tasks they created.
      • In order to see this banner, the task must have at least one assignee.

Next Steps