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Procore (en-GB)

Add Quantities to a Timesheet (Android)

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To add quantities to a timesheet that can then be tracked in the Production Quantity Report.


Production quantities are a measurable amount of work on a construction project. For example, cubic yards of concrete, number of light fixtures or linear feet of piping. In Procore, there are two types of production quantities:

  • Budgeted production quantities refers to the measurable amount a team plans to install on a project.
  • Installed production quantities refers to the actual amount installed on a project by a point in time.

Use the steps below to enter installed production quantities on a timesheet. One entered, they can then be tracked against the imported budgeted production quantities using the Production Quantity Report.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:

    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Timesheets tool.
    • 'Standard' level permission on the project's Timesheets tool AND creator of the timesheet.
  • Additional Information:


Now that you have filled out your timesheet, perform the following actions before you submit:

  1. Tap Submit.
  2. Under 'Select an Option',  Submit and Add Quantities.

    • You will receive an error message if quantities have not been uploaded to the project. See Import Budgeted Production Quantities.
    • If the Sub Jobs feature is enabled on your project (see Enable Sub Jobs), the 'Sub Job' associated with your 'Units Installed' entry will appear in the Quantities list.
    • If Sub Jobs is disabled, the 'Sub Job' field will display the word 'None'.
  3. Tap Add Quantities.
  4. Tap Add Units.
  5. In the Units Installed Today field, enter the appropriate unit quantity.
  6. Tap Apply to save your changes.