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Procore Estimating: Assign WBS Budget Codes to an Estimate

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: August 08, 2023

Phased Release
On Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, Procore started a phased release of the 'Create Budget Codes' feature for Procore Estimating. This feature will be gradually released to all customers who have both the Procore Estimating and Procore Project Financials tools over the next month.

WBS Budget Code Available in Estimating

You can now assign a WBS budget code to an estimate in Procore. This new feature within Procore Estimating strengthens its connection with Procore’s Project Financials tools. After assigning a WBS budget code to your estimate line items, you will have a clearer view of your estimate data with increased ability to check progress against the programme and budget.

In this announcement:

Key Features

  • Assign budget code by group or assign to individual cost items
  • Split cost item into multiple cost types (e.g., labour, material, adjustments)
  • Easily send data from preconstruction to project execution
  • Preview budget code allocation before sending estimate to budget
  • Procore's project level Estimating tool corresponds with Procore's Project Financials tools



Assign Budget Code

Select pre-defined WBS budget codes imported from the budget associated with your Procore Project Financials tools:


Send Estimate Data to the Budget 

Preview and send estimate data with options for how to allocate cost and assign profit, overhead and taxes:


Frequently Asked Questions

How does having a budget code differ from the previous cost code feature?

Previously, users could group the estimate cost based on the cost code and cost type associated with the cost catalogue. With this updated feature, estimate line items can now be assigned to relevant budget codes created from custom WBS segments imported from Procore's Project Financials tools. 

What other Procore preconstruction tools does this feature connect with?

Company level tools such as Procore's Tender Board and Cost Catalogue work together with Procore's company level WBS codes.

What's the difference between a budget code on a Tender Board project and a Portfolio project?

The budget code in Procore's Tender Board tool only takes into consideration the cost code and cost type available at the company level because the Tender Board is a company level tool. In order to use custom WBS segments, Tender Board projects should be upgraded to Procore Portfolio projects. 

Will I receive a warning if there is an error with the budget code?

Yes, you will receive warning messages if there are errors associated with relevant line items. However, you will still be able to send the estimate to the budget even if there are errors.