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Switch Between the Portfolio Views


To switch between general views using the company's Portfolio tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To access the following information, 'Read Only' level permission or higher the company's Portfolio tool
      • Projects. For a project to appear in this list, you must have 'Read Only' access or higher to at least one (1) project in at least one (1) Procore company account. 
      • My Open Items. For an item to appear in this list, at least one (1) item from a supported tool on a project (e.g., RFIs, Submittals and so on) must be assigned to you. See Why is the 'My Open Items' list not showing tasks that have been assigned to me?
    • To access the following information, 'Admin' level permission on the company's Portfolio tool:
      • Executive Dashboard
      • Financial Views
  • Additional Information:


  1. Navigate to the company's Portfolio tool.
    This reveals the Portfolio page. Across the top of the page, users with the appropriate permissions can click these links to switch between views.
    • An asterisk (*) indicates that the default dashboard permission settings for this link is 'Admin' level permission.
    • Your company can configure the dashboard permission settings to suit their preferences for your environment. See Set the Dashboard View Permissions.

  2. Click one of these links:
    • Projects. Lists all the projects to which you have been granted access permission. When 'Projects' is the active tab, you can also switch between views. See Switch Between Views in the Project List.

    • *Executive Dashboard. For users with 'Admin' level permission to the Portfolio tool, this view shows data visualisations of your projects by programme, stage, type, department and office. See View the Executive Dashboard in the Portfolio Tool

    • My Open Items. Shows any tasks to which you have been assigned in other Procore tools where your action is required. See View My Open Items in the Portfolio Tool.

    • *Financial Views. Click this link and then select one of these options from the drop-down menu: Budget VarianceContract VarianceContract Summary, or Commitment Summary. See Switch Between Financial Views.

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