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Import Two-Level Cost Codes to the Project Admin Tool


To submit a request to import unique cost codes to the Company Admin tool. 


If your company or project requires a unique cost code structure, you can import custom cost codes into either the Company level or Project level Admin tool. Some companies design their cost code structure to align with the CSI MasterFormat. Other companies decide to implement a cost code structure that is unique to their industry, organization or project environment. Regardless of the structure, you can submit a request to have a Procore representative import the custom cost codes for you or you can expedite the process and perform your own cost codes import using the Procore Imports app.

Note: The Company and Project Level Admin tools include a 16 Division Cost Code Structure that aligns to the CSI MasterFormat. See What are Procore's Default Cost Codes?

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To request cost code imports at the company level, 'Admin' permissions to the company's Admin tool. 
    • To request cost code imports at the project level, 'Admin' permissions to the project's Admin tool. 
  • CSV File Requirements:
    • For general formatting considerations, see How do I prepare my data for import into Procore?
    • The XLSX file must be formatted as a table. 
    • The first line of the table must include the header, which defines the fields in the table.
      • The table must contain the following header row: Division, Division 1, Division 2, Division N (where N= subsequent cost code levels such as Division 3, Division 4 and so on), Cost Code and Description. 
      • The table must contain the following column headers: Division, Cost Code and Description. 
        Below are the row requirements:
        • Every unique Cost Code must be represented in its own row. The row must contain a Division Number, a Cost Code and a Description value. 
        • Every new Division must be represented in its own row. The row must contain a Division and Description value. Always leave the Cost Code Cell blank. 


  • A two-level cost code structure based on the CSI MasterFormat. The first level of the code structure consists of a Division Number (for example, 01 General Requirements, 02 Site Construction, etc.) and the second level consists of cost code numbers and titles (for example, 000 Purpose, 002 Instructions, 010 Project Manager, and so on). 
    Important! If your company's cost code structure has three (3) levels or more, see Import Cost Codes to Procore.


  1. Download the two-level cost code template: import-cost-codes.xlsx
  2. Complete the data entry as follows:
    • To create a new Division:
      • Cost Code Level 1. Enter a value in the Cost Code Level 1 column to create a division. (for example, type 01).
      • Cost Code Level 2. Always leave this cell blank to create a new division. 
      • Description. Type the desired label for the second level in the Description cell (for example., General Requirements). 

        Example: How to Create a Division
    • To create a new Cost Code:
      • Cost Codes Level 1. Repeat the Cost Code Level 1 entry. This ensures the cost code is contained within the Level 1 (Division) folder (for example, 01 General Requirements) in Procore.
      • Cost Code Level 2. Enter the desired code (for example, 000) in the Cost Code Level 2 cell.
      • Description. Type the desired label for the second level in the Description cell (for example, Purpose). 

        Example: How to Create a Cost Code in a Division
        create-2-tier-cost code.jpg
  3. Repeat the steps above for every division (or divisions) and code in your company's cost code list.
    The illustration below shows you a sample of a properly formatted XLSX file. 

  4. Use the Procore Imports App to complete your company level cost code import. See Import Cost Codes into the Company Level Admin Tool (Procore Imports).
  5. Continue with Validate the Cost Code Import.

Validate the Cost Code Import

  1. Navigate to the company's or project's Admin tool. 
  2. In the right pane, click the Cost Codes link. 
  3. On the page that appears, validate that the imported cost code structure displays as expected. 
    As shown in the illustrations below, cost codes imported at the company level appear on the left side of the page in the Admin tool, while cost codes imported at the project level appear on the right side of the page. 

    Company Level Admin Tool: After a Cost Code Import

    Project Level Admin Tool: After a Cost Code Import

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