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Below are the notable changes to the project's Tendering tool in 2022.

New Option for Tenderers to Submit Their tender to Procore by email (17/08/2022)

Invited tenderers can now submit a tender to Procore by replying to the tender invitation email with an attachment. See Submit a Tender. This means that tenderers have an alternative to logging into Procore's Planroom tool to submit a tender and tender submissions sent in this manner are automatically recorded in Procore. See Review Submitted Tenders. This option is meant to serve as an alternative to tenderers emailing a tender completely outside of Procore, where you would need to manually enter their place a tender on their behalf.

Tender management Enhanced Experience (Beta): Convert a Tender to a Subcontract or Purchase Order (17/08/2022)

Similar to the original Tendering experience, Tender Management Enhanced Experience now allows you to award a tender and convert it to a contract in the project's Commitments tool. See Award a Tender and Convert it to a Subcontract or Purchase Order.

Tender management Enhanced Experience (Beta): Company and project level opt-in for beta (17/08/2022)

The Tender Management Enhanced Experience beta experience can now be enabled by users at the Company or Project level, even for existing projects. See How do I update to the new tender management experience?
Note: Users with 'Admin' permissions to a project's Tendering tool can enable the experience at the Project level for that particular project. Only Company level Admin users can enable the experience for all projects in the account.

Tender management Enhanced Experience (Beta): level tenders (19/05/2022)

For users in the Tender Management Enhanced Experience beta, you can now level tenders for tender forms in the Tendering tool. This allows you to easily compare received tenders so that you can more easily decide who to award a contract to. See Level Tenders for a Tender Form for more information.

Tender management Enhanced Experience (Beta): create custom tender forms (19/05/2022)

For users in the Tender Management Enhanced Experience beta, you can now create and manage custom tender forms in the Tendering tool. Tender forms make it easier to break down scope and cost information and help to standardise the responses that are being received from tenderers. In addition, the use of tender forms allows for tender levelling on submitted tenders. See Create a Tender Form.