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About the Budget Detail Tab


To learn about the Budget Detail tab in the Project level Budget tool.


All Procore company accounts include the 'Procore Standard Budget' view, which is the default view that is available for use with the project's Budget tool. This view can be applied to both the Budget tab and Budget Detail tab. This tutorial details the data columns that are available when the 'Procore Standard Budget' view is applied to the Budget Detail tab. 

With the Budget Detail tab, you can also:

  • Apply Budget Views with the View Menu. Similar to the tool's existing 'Budget' tab, you can apply your company's budget views to the Budget Details tab's data using the Views drop-down menu.
  • Apply Options Using the Add Group and Add Filter Menus. You can also apply your desired grouping options using the options in the new 'Add Group' and 'Add Filters' drop-down menus. To learn more about your options, see Apply Group Options to Organise Your Data and Add Filters to Narrow Your Data
  • Export your Budget Detail tab to the CSV or PDF. As with other Project Financials tools, you can export your budget detail to a flat file in the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. When exporting the Budget Detail tab, any group and filter options applied to the table at the time are included in the Portable Document Format (PDF). 

How the Procore Standard Budget View appears in the 'Budget Detail' tab

The illustration below shows you the default layout for the 'Procore Standard Budget' view, as it looks when assigned to your project and applied to the 'Budget Detail' tab in the project's Budget tool. 


Default Columns

The following table details the default column and layout of the 'Procore Standard Budget' view when it is assigned to the project and then applied to the 'Budget Detail' tab in the project's Budget tool. Note that when applied to the 'Budget Detail' tab, only Standard and Source columns from your view are available. 'Calculated' columns are not supported, only 'Standard' and 'Source' columns are displayed. 

Column Name Column  Type Column Format Description
Budget Code Standard n/a Shows the project's budget code and budget code description. Depending on your budget code, this shows the divisioncost code, and cost type associated with the budget line item. If sub jobs are enabled in Procore (see Enable Sub Jobs on Projects for WBS), this column shows the name of the sub job associated with the budget line item.
Vendor Standard n/a Shows the name of the vendor associated with the budget line item. 
Item Standard n/a Shows any Procore items associated with the budget line item, such as change event.
Detail Type Standard n/a Shows the type of detail such as the original budget, budget changes, forecast to complete, main contract variations, commitments, commitment variations, change events and direct cost details. 
Approved COs Source n/a This visible column shows the commitment variations in the Approved status by default. It also provides advanced options that permit you to include/exclude variations in other statuses and Main Contract. This column is also used to calculate the 'Forecast to Complete' value in the budget line item.
Budget Changes Standard Currency Shows the amount of a budget change for the budget line item. 
Committed Costs Source Currency This visible column shows the commitment costs for subcontracts in the Approved and Complete statuses, purchase orders in the Approved status and variations in the Approved status. It also provides advanced options that permit you to include/exclude other status options for commitments and variations.  
Direct Costs Source Currency This visible column shows direct costs in the Pending, Revise and Resubmit, and Approved status. 
Forecast to Complete Standard Currency This visible column is an automatic calculation of the Projected Budget - Project Costs. 
Original Budget Amount Standard Currency Shows the original budget amount for the budget line item. 
Pending Budget Changes Source Currency This visible column shows the all budget changes in the Pending - statuses for the budget line item. 
Pending Cost Changes Source Currency This visible column shows subcontracts in the Out for Signature status, purchase order contracts in the Processing, Submitted, Partially Received, and Received Status, and variations in the Pending - statuses.