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(Legacy) View Change Events Summary

 Legacy Content
Procore has started a phased release of the new change events list view. If your project has been updated to use the new view, you will no longer use the Steps in this tutorial. Instead, see Create Change Events. To learn about the phased release, see Change Events: Modernised Change Events List View.


To view a summary of all your project's change events.


The Summary tab in the Change Events tool displays a high-level summary of all of your project's change events. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the Change Events tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • The Change Events Summary view is "sticky." This means, if you leave the Change Events tool on the Summary view, this view will persist when you return to the Change Events view. 


  1. Navigate to the project's Change Events tool.
  2. Click the Summary tab. 
    You can view the following columns of information in the table:
    • #
      Displays the number of the change event.
    • Title
      Displays the title of the change event.
    • Scope
      Displays whether the change event is listed as Out of Scope, In Scope or TBD.
    • Type
      Displays the type of change event.
    • Reason
      Displays the change event reason.
    • Status
      Displays the change event status.
    • Origin
      Displays where your change event was created from (for example, RFI #30).
    • ROM
      Displays the Rough Order of Magnitude assigned to the change event.
    • Main Totals
      Displays the Main totals for that change event. This includes vertical and horizontal financial markup.
    • Commitment Totals
      Displays the Commitment totals for that change event.

      The totals include any new commitments created from change event line items. It also includes:

      • Commitment variations, if the Commitments tool is configured for the 1-tier variation setting. 
      • Commitment potential variations, if the Commitments tool is configured for the 2- or 3-tier variation setting. 

      To learn more about the variation tiers, see What are the different variation tier settings in Project Financials?

    • RFQs
      Displays the number of RFQs created for that change event and whether or not they have been responded to.
      The top number represents the number of RFQs with one of the following statuses: Closed, Pending Final Approval and Withdrawn.
    • Commitment Variations/Commitment PVs
      Displays the number of commitment variations created from the change event.
    • Main PVs
      Displays the number of main contract potential variations created from the change event.
    • Totals
      Shows the totals for your change event's ROMs, Main totals and Commitment totals.
    • Report Grand Totals
      Shows the grand totals for your change event's Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) values, Main Contract totals and Commitment totals.