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  • Added Workflow and Approval Process To Draw Requests and Pay Apps (5/11/2015). Users now have a workflow and approval process for Draw Requests and Payment Applications.
  • Added Message and Email for Paginated Commitments (4/11/2015). For paginated commitments, exporting the index page to a PDF/CSV will show the user a prompt that reads "This report may take a few minutes to generate. We'll email it to you when it's ready."


  • Added Ability to Export Draw Requests by Date or Period to CSV File (28/10/2015). Added the ability to export the draw request by date or period to a CSV file for accounting departments

  • Added Sage ID of ERP Linked Vendors To Headers and Contact Company Pickers of Commitments (22/10/2015). Added the Sage ID of ERP-linked vendors to the headers and contract company pickers of Commitments in Procore. 

  • Added Committed Costs that are Associated to Sub Jobs to Committed Cost Report (22/10/2015). The Committed Cost report will now display committed costs that are associated to a project's sub jobs if sub jobs is enabled. 


  • Added Sub Jobs To Line Item Adder (10/9/2015)
    Implemented the Sub Job picker on the Commitment Bill of Quantities.


  • Added Unit Price and Quantity Information On Unit/Quantity Based Pay App/Draw Request (10/7/2015)
    Added Quantity and Unit Price columns to PDF of Payment Applications and/or Draw Requests using the Unit/Quantity based accounting method.


  • Added Draw Request Report By Period Or Date Range (24/6/2015)
    Added report links on the sidebar of Commitments list page. Can run a report on draw requests by date or period.

  • Added Pagination to Commitments (6/16/15)
    Added pagination for Commitments to make sorting easier for users with a lot of commitments.


  • Enabled Pagination on Commitments/Summary Page (13/5/2015)
    Enabled pagination on the Commitments/Summary page to improve the load time for projects with many commitments and makes navigating commitments easier.


  • Added Ability to Manually Re-order Bill of Quantities Tables (24/4/2015)
    In BOQ edit page for Main Contract, Commitments and Variations, Admin users can now manually re-order the BOQ line items by dragging them.
  • Added Cost Code To Pay Apps In CSV Exports (4/28/15)
    Added cost codes to Pay Apps in CSV exports.
  • Added Ability To Manually Re-order BOQ Line Items (4/24/15)
    Added ability to manually re-order BOQ line items by dragging and dropping them. 


  • Commitments List Page Now Contains Contract Company Names (2/2015)
    When viewing Commitments list page in detailed view, headers will now contain Contract Company names.
  • Payment Application And Draw Requests With Larger Value Than Bill of Quantities Now Appears Red  (2/15)
    When a user enters a payment application or a draw request with a value that is larger than the bill of quantities, the payment application or draw request will be highlighted in red.


  • Implemented validations on Commitment BOQ CSV imports for Sage (STO) integrated projects.