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Import a Main Contract BOQ from a CSV File


To update a main contract's Programme of Values (BOQ) by uploading a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file to the Main Contracts tool.


Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the Main Contracts tool.
  • Limitations:
    • The import process only supports the CSV file format.
    • Budget Codes:
      • The import template and process does NOT support budget codes. See What is a budget code? Instead, you must enter the appropriate cost codecost type, and sub job combination for your line items directly into the import template. 
  • Additional Information:
    • You can add multiple items with the same cost code, even if it has the same category. In the example below, two separate line items are created.
      • 02-300 - Earthwork, M, $30,000
      • 02-300 - Earthwork, M, $10,500



  1. Navigate to a project's Main Contracts tool.
  2. Locate the main contract to update. Then click its Number link.
  3. Click Programme of Values.
  4. Optional: Under Import Programme of Values from CSV, download one of the template options:

    • Blank Template
      To download a blank template, click the Blank Template link.
    • One Showing Existing Line Items
      To download a template that includes any existing BOQ line items, click the One Showing Existing Line Items link.
      This downloads a template named 'csv_import.csv' to the location on your computer specified in your web browser's settings. 
      • Using your own template or modifying a file to match a template can result in an incompatible format which can lead to import failure and/or import errors.
      • After completing your BOQ data entry in a template, continue with the import process.
      • While using a Procore template is marked (Optional), we recommend that you always download one of these templates to complete your BOQ data entry. 
      • If the combination of the sub job, cost code and cost type are non-budgeted for a line item, this line item will be added directly to the Budget with a "?" next to the line item. See Add a Partial Budget Line Item.
  5. Update the template with your BOQ line items. 
    • Do NOT add, rearrange, remove or rename any of the columns or column headings in the template. 
    • To complete the import successfully, your data needs to be entered using the exact structure specified in the template.  
    • The cost code and cost type entries must exactly match the codes and types defined under Cost Codes in the project's Admin tool. See Add and Edit Project Cost Codes.

    Main Contract example import csv.png
  6. Complete the data entry as follows:
    1. Cost Code Name
      The detailed name of the cost code number in the following format:
      'Division-Code - Title' (for example, 01-100 - Summary)
      Note: if you do not want to use a cost code, you must enter "None" in the Cost Code Name and Cost Code Number fields. 
    2. Cost Code Number
      The cost code number in the following format:
      'Division-Code' (for example, 01-100)
      Note: if you do not want to use a cost code, you must enter "None" in the Cost Code Name and Cost Code Number fields. 
    3. Description
      (Optional) A more detailed description of the line item.
    4. Line Item Type
      (Optional) The cost type associated with your cost code (for example Labour, Materials and so on). See Default Cost Type List.
      • You can modify the default cost types and add their own definitions to the list.
      • It is important that your data entries match your company's cost type list. For example, if the category type is Materials, use M and not m, materials, or Materials. Below are Procore's default Cost Types.
        • If you leave a cell in the Type column blank (as pictured above), Procore assigns the type as Other by default. 
        • If you input an invalid entry in a cell in the Type column, Procore also lists type as Other by default. 
      • The import process is case-sensitive. 
    5. Amount
      Enter a numeric value or the contract amount.
      • The use of commas and/or the pound symbol (£) is not required. For example, '15000' is the correct syntax.
      • If there is no monetary amount to enter, be sure to enter 0.00.
      • The import will not accept a blank cell. 
      • Blank lines still count as lines in the import process, so be sure to delete them from the end of the BOQ file before importing.
  7. Specify the type of import/upload action to perform.
    • Delete existing line items and add CSV as new items  
    • Keep existing line items and add CSV as new items
  8. Select the modified CSV file.
  9. Click Import.
  10. Wait a few seconds and then click the Programme of Values tab and verify that the BOQ was imported as expected.
  11. If you need to make further changes to the BOQ, click Edit.
    • Manually add additional line items
    • Delete a line item
    • Change the selected cost code number
    • Edit a line item's description, type and the contract amount
  12. Click Save.
    Click Save and Email if you want to save your changes, as well as forward a copy of the Main Contract using Procore's built-in email feature. You'll also be able to specify recipients and include a brief message about the Main Contract.


If you would like to learn more about Procore's main contract software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction contract management software product page icon-external-link.png.