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Update a Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix Programme in Procore Drive


To update a Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix programme that has been integrated with a Procore project.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Programme tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • In order to perform the steps below, you must have a computer running:
      • A supported version of Microsoft Windows.
      • Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix software that is compatible with your Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix programme file.
    • The programme tool only displays the change history for % complete and does not display a change history for physical % complete or work % complete.
    • Important! After a Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix programme has been integrated with Procore, it cannot be updated in Procore. However, you can use the steps below to open the integrated programme from Procore Drive and then update the file in Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix software. This way, when you save your changes in Microsoft Project, Asta or Phoenix, the file is automatically updated in Procore.
      Microsoft Project, Asta and Phoenix are not the only programme files that are compatible and able to be integrated with a Procore project. For more information about compatible programme files see Upload a Project Programme File to Procore's Web Application.


  1. Launch Procore Drive on your computer.
  2. Select your company name and project from the drop-down menus.
  3. Click the Programme tool.
  4. Click Launch Programme.
    Note: The project programme file will be opened directly in the programming software, not in Procore Drive.
  5. Make any necessary updates to the programme file.
  6. Click Save
    Note: It is important that you click Save and not Save As. If you click Save As to save your progress to a new file, this file will not be sent to Procore, as it is not the linked file.
  7. If you are using MS Project Desktop and have added the Procore Built Add-in, a pop up will appear for each change made. Enter a change reason and the information will be sent directly to Procore and be associated with that programme activity when saved. It will be visible in the task items details page of Procore.
    Note: If you would like Procore to automatically send a notification to members of your team when programme updates are uploaded to the Programme tool, mark the "Upon Programme Changes" option in the Configure Programme Notification Emails.