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Release Notes for 2020-07-20

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Construction Platform Release Notes

Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, July 17, 2020.

Core Tools

New Daywork sheets Grouping in Select Tool Menu

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add a new Daywork sheets grouping in the Select Tool menu which now includes: Materials, Sheets, Timecards, and Equipment. See Create a Custom Company Report and Create a Custom Project Report.


No notable changes.

Project Management

Coordination Issues
View Co-ordination Issues on Model Web Viewer

Procore has released an integration between the Co-ordination Issues tool and the Models tool that allows users to view any Co-ordination Issue created in the mobile viewer or the Navisworks® plugin directly in the Procore web viewer. From the Co-ordination Issues tool on the web, users will also be able to navigate to the location of the issue from viewing the model in the Models tool. See View a Co-ordination Issue.

Site Diary
Ability to Configure Fieldsets for Visitors Log on the Site Diary Tool

Procore now allows users with 'Admin' permissions to the Company Admin tool to configure fieldsets for the Visitors log in the Site Diary tool. A fieldset determines whether data entry in a particular field is optional, required or hidden from view when team users create or edit the Visitors log. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets.

Create Custom Fields for the Visitors Log in the Site Diary Tool

Procore has added the ability for custom fields to be created for the Visitors log section in the Site Diary tool. You can use custom fields to capture information your company requires for tracking visitors to and from job site. See Create New Custom Fields. These custom fields will function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. 

New Reject and Resubmit Feature for Collaborator Entries in the Site Diary

Procore has added a 'Reject' button to the Site Diary tool so that Admins have the option to reject a collaborator entry if needed. See Approve or Reject Site Diary Entries. When an entry is rejected, a notification email will be sent to the collaborator and they will see a 'Resubmit' button next to their original entry. See Resubmit a Site Diary Entry as a Collaborator. After an entry has been resubmitted, it will appear as a pending entry again to be approved or rejected.

Updated Markup Toolbar for the Drawings Tool

The markup toolbar in the Drawings tool on the Procore web application has been updated to include a new 'Pins' drawer. See Mark Up a Drawing. The Pins drawer is where you can choose to add pin markups for linking photos, snag items, co-ordination issues and observations in the project. These tools were already organised under a Pin icon on the Procore mobile application and this release ensures a consistent experience for adding pin markups to a drawing. 

As a result of the pin options being moved into a Pins drawer, the toolbar is not as long and the markup tool icons are now slightly larger. This allows for easier use of the markup toolbar, regardless of the size of the browser window. 

Financial Management

New 'Procore Labour Productivity Cost' Budget View

Procore released a new 'Procore Labour Productivity Cost' view in the Company Admin tool's list of standard budget views. With this view, you can now add and import production units to a project's budget in Procore's Financial Management tools:  Budget, Change Events and Variations. It also interacts with the Timecards, Timesheets and Company and Project level Reports tools. To learn more, see Project Financials: New 'Procore Labour Productivity Cost' Budget View.

Resource Management

Pagination on Timesheets

To reduce page loading times, Procore has added pagination to the Timesheets tool at both the Project and Company levels.

View a Timecard's Change History

Users can now view the Change History of an individual's Timecard in the Company level Timesheets tool. See View a Time Entry in the Company Level Timesheets Tool.

Daywork Sheets
New Project Level Daywork sheets (Daywork) Sheets Tool

Released the new Daywork Sheets tool. This tool provides users with the ability to document, track and enable visibility into out of scope work from any mobile device through the Procore Android or iOS apps. With this new tool, you can set automatic notifications from the Procore web app or distribute sheets from your mobile device to provide more visibility of Daywork exposure to all parties. From the mobile app, users can create, edit, verify and sign Daywork Sheets quickly while on site. To learn more about this release, see Daywork Sheets: New! Project Level Daywork sheets Sheets Tool.

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