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View Co-ordination Issues


To view a coordination issue and its information.

Things to Consider


From the Procore Plugin

  1. Open Navisworks® and your model on your computer. See Getting Started Using the Procore Plugin.
  2. With the Procore tab selected, click Issues List.
  3. Hover over the issue that you want to view.
  4. Click Info.
    Note: If the issue has been elevated to an RFI, you can click the RFI link to view it in Procore at  
  5. Optional: Click the Activity tab to view any activity and comments for the issue. See Add or Manage Comments on a Co-ordination Issue.

From the Co-Ordination Issues Tool ​​​​​​

  1. Navigate to the project's Co-ordination Issues tool on
  2. The following columns are viewable for co-ordination issues:
    Note: See Search for and Filter Co-ordination Issues to search for or filter issues.
    • #: The number that the coordination issue was automatically assigned. 
    • Title: The title given to the coordination issue.
    • Status: The status that the coordination issue is currently in.
    • Assignee Company: This field is automatically populated with the company the issue's assignee is associated with.
    • Assignee: The user selected to be responsible for resolving the issue.
    • Due Date: The date chosen for the coordination issue to be due by.
    • Created Date: The date the issue was created.
    • Source File: The Source File field is automatically populated with the name of the file that the issue was created from in Navisworks®. 
    • Activity: For issues that has one or more comments added, a comment  icon-activity.png  icon appears in the column.
  3. In the list view, click anywhere in an individual issue's row to open the side panel.
    From here, you can view and edit the issue's status and information.
    • If the coordination issue has been elevated to an RFI, you can click the RFI link to be taken to the RFI in Procore.
    • If you want to download a coordination issue's snapshot to your computer, hover over the image and click the download icon.
  4. If you want to view the issue's information in full-screen mode, click the open  icon-open-in-new-tab.png  icon at the top of the side panel.
    Note: Additional tasks are available on the full-screen mode, such as viewing full-screen rendering of viewpoints, adding or managing comments and deleting the issue. 

View Co-ordination Issues Within the Web Viewer of the Models Tool

  1. Navigate to the project's Models tool on
  2. Open the relevant model.
  3. Click the issues icon-issues.png icon. 
    This expands the Co-ordination Issues side bar, where any issues associated with the source file will be shown.
  4. Choose which co-ordination issues you want to view:
    • Click All Issues to see all issues.
    • Click My Issues to see only the issues that are currently assigned to you.
  5. Click an issue to see it in context of the model.
    • To open the issue in the Co-ordination Issues tool to view all details, click the open  icon-open-in-new-tab.png  icon.
    • If there are comments on the issue, click the comment  icon-activity.png  icon to view the Activity feed in the Co-ordination Issues tool.