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Release Notes for 2021-03-22

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, March 19, 2021.

Core Tools


'Sub Job' Added as a Configurable Field on Configurable Fieldsets for RFIs

When creating or updating configurable fieldsets for the project's RFIs tool, users with the appropriate permissions on the Company level Admin tool can now choose to make the Sub Job field hidden or visible to users who create an RFI in one or more projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets and Which fields in the RFIs tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden?



'Responses' and 'Official Responses' Columns Added to Custom Reports for Correspondence Tool

Users can now include 'Responses' and 'Official Responses' in custom Correspondence reports created in the Company level and Project level Reports tools. See Create a Custom Project Report and Create a Custom Company Report.


No notable changes.

Project Management


Create 'Draft' Correspondence Items from Procore for Outlook Integration

Users with the Procore for Outlook integration and the appropriate permissions to create a correspondence item can now create 'Draft' correspondence items from Outlook emails.


Updates to Granular Permission to View Private RFIs Associated to Users within Same Company

Procore has updated the existing 'View Private RFIs Associated to Users within Same Company' granular permission. Users with this granular permission enabled on their permissions template can now view 'Draft' RFIs that are marked as 'Private' and are associated to users within their company (including them). See Grant Granular Permissions in a Project Permissions Template and View RFIs.

Financial Management

No notable changes.

Resource Management


Added a Rounding Option to the Time Increment Drop-Down List

Procore has updated the Company level Timesheets tool to add a '1 min' rounding option to the 'Time Increment' drop-down list. To learn how to set rounding rules for your company's timesheets, see Set the Rounding Rule for Your Company Timesheets.

Daywork Sheets

New Connected Change Management Workflows

Procore has updated the Bulk Actions menu in the project's Daywork Sheets tool to provide you with the ability to add Daywork Sheets to a new or existing change event. Line item entries to selected Daywork Sheets can now be added to a change event, streamlining how you generate variations to get paid for work performed. See Create a Change Event from a Daywork Sheet and Add a Daywork Sheet to a Change Event.

App Marketplace

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