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What granular permissions are available for the project's Budget tool?


In Procore, the term granular permissions refers to task-based privileges that can be granted to users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on certain tools through the users' assigned permissions templates. The table below shows the granular permissions that are available for the project's Budget tool.


Granular Permission Name Granular Permission Description
Import line items From CSV Along with the 'Create and Edit Original Budget Amount' granular permission, this granular permission grants users the privilege to import a budget from a file. See Import a Budget.
Modify original budget amount Grants users the privilege to create and edit the original budget amount. See Add a Budget Line Item and Edit a Budget.
View Direct Cost Details 1 Grants users the privilege to view transaction-level details being populated from the Direct Cost tool via a popup window that appears in the Budget tool. The Direct Costs columns is visible when creating, editing and viewing line items. See Read a Budget.
Delete Budget Line Items Grants users the privilege to delete budget line items. See Delete a Budget Line Item.
Lock Budget Grants users the privilege to lock the Budget tool. See Lock a Budget.
Send and retrieve from ERP Grants users the privilege to send data from the Budget tool to the ERP Integrations tool and also to retrieve information from the ERP Integrations tool before it is accepted for export to an integrated ERP system by an accounting approver. For more information, see Send a Budget to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance and Retrieve a Budget from ERP Integrations Before Acceptance.

New Create, edit and delete Budget Changes

Grants users the privilege to create new Budget Changes and edit or delete existing Budget Changes. See Create Budget Changes.
  1. Notes:
    • This granular permission provides users with the ability to click a value in the 'Direct Costs' column of a budget view to open a popup window that shows direct cost transaction detail.
    • If your company is using either the Procore +  Sage 300 CRE® integration or the Viewpoint® Vista™ Integration by Ryvit, this setting must be enabled in the permissions template that is assigned to Procore end users performing budget exports.