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Why am I unable to assign users to a RFQ?


When creating a Request for Quote (RFQ) as the result of a change event, your project team has the option of designating an 'Assignee' on the RFQ. An 'Assignee' is a collaborator that works for the company that was hired to do the work on a specific commitment.  You then have the option to send the RFQ email notification to the collaborator to request a price quote. 

If your project team doesn't want to grant collaborators the permissions they need to submit a quote in Procore, you have the option of managing the submission process outside of Procore. If you choose this option, you do NOT need to follow the steps in Assign an RFQ. Instead, you can enter the quote as described in Respond to an RFQ on Behalf of an RFQ Recipient

Requirements for RFQ Assignees

For a collaborator's name to appear as a selection in the Assignee drop-down list on an RFQ:

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