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Apply a Project Template to a New Project


To apply a project template to a new project.


Procore makes it easy to set up new projects within your company by applying preferences, file structures and more from a previous project to a new project upon its creation. Project templates are the best way to ensure that any new project is created in your Procore account using a default set of configurations.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
  • Prerequisites:
  • Additional Information:
    • Templates can only be applied to new projects at the time the project is created.
    • After a project is created, you cannot apply a new template or switch to a different template.
    • If a project template is updated by your Procore Administrator, those updates only affect new projects. They do NOT affect existing projects.
  • For companies using the icon-erp-synced2.png ERP Integrations tool: If you will be importing a job for an integrated ERP system to add a new Procore project, you will need to select the project template to apply to your new Procore project. For details visit Things to Know About Your ERP Integration.


  1. Navigate to the company's Portfolio tool.
    This reveals the Portfolio page.
  2. Click Add New Project.

  3. Choose the desired project template from the Select a Project Template drop-down list.
    Note: To enable this feature, your Procore Administrator must first contact your Procore point of contact to request activate the project(s) you want to use as a template. See Configure a Project Template.

    project template.png
  4. Click Continue.
    The system reveals the Create New Project page. To learn about your options when creating a project, see Add a New Project. To learn about the items that carry over from the project template to your new project, see Configure a Project Template

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