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Assign or Edit a User's Notification Profile in Workforce Planning


To manage what notifications a user receives from Workforce Planning.


You can configure Workforce Planning to automatically send notifications when information changes about project, people, assignments or requests. Notification profiles are created to indicate what notifications should be sent. These notification profiles are then assigned to users so that they receive the designated notifications.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information
    • Only people who are a 'User' or 'Both' can be assigned a notification profile.
    • Notifications can be received by email, the LaborChart/Workforce Planning mobile app or in the Workforce Planning tool. See View Notifications in Workforce Planning.
    • Users can only be assigned on notification profile at a time.
    • Users cannot respond to notifications.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click People and select People List.
  3. Locate the user record to modify. Then click their name.
  4. Locate the 'Info' section and click Edit.
  5. Locate 'Notification Profile' and select the profile with the notifications the user should receive.
  6. Click Save.