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Bulk Edit People in Workforce Planning


To bulk edit people in Workforce Planning.


For projects using Workforce Planning and Field Productivity Tools, you edit details about your workforce using the People tool in Workforce Planning. The people you manage here can be used for workforce assignments, as well as in the Crews and the Timesheets tools.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click People and select People List.
  3. Mark the tickboxes of the people you want to edit.
  4. Click Batch Actions and select Batch Edit.
  5. Select the field you want to edit for all the people you have selected:
    • Address. The people's address.
    • Address 2. The people's address, continued.
    • Birth Date. The people's date of birth.
    • Can Receive Email. Select whether they can receive Email messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. 
      Note: If enabling email notifications, a phone number is required.
    • Can Receive Mobile. Select whether they can receive messages in the LaborChart mobile app about their workforce assignments.
    • Can Receive SMS. Select whether they can receive SMS messages from Procore about their workforce assignments. 
      • Message and data rates may apply.
      • If enabling SMS notifications, a phone number is required.
    • City. The people's city or town.
    • Country. The people's country of residence.
    • Emergency Contact Email. The emergency contact's email address.
    • Emergency Contact Name. The name of the people's emergency contact.
    • Emergency Contact Phone. The emergency contact's phone number.
    • Emergency Contact Relation. The relationship between the people and their emergency contact.
    • Employee ID. Enter the people's Employee ID.
    • Gender. The people's gender.
    • Groups. Select the people's groups. See Configure Groups for Workforce Planning.
    • Hired Date. The date the people were hired.
    • Hourly Wage. The people's hourly wage.
    • Job Title. Select the people's job title from the dropdown list. See Configure Job Titles for Workforce Planning.
    • Language. The people's primary language.
    • Permission. Select the people's permission level.
    • Person Type. Select whether the people should be Users, Assignable or Both. 
    • Postal. The people's postcode.
    • State. The people's state or province.
    • Status. Select whether the people's status is Active or Inactive.
    • Tags. The people's tags. See Configure Tags for Workforce Planning.
  6. Enter the the information.
  7. Click Save to save.
    Click Clear to clear.
    Click Cancel to cancel.