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Procore (en-GB)

Submit a Place a tender on Behalf of a Tenderer


To submit a place a tender on behalf of a tenderer in the Tendering tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Tendering tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • If a tenderer submits a tender outside of Procore, you can enter and submit the place a tender on their behalf.
Invited tenderers have the option to submit their tender by replying to the tender invitation email with an attachment, as an alternative to logging in to Procore's Planroom tool. See Submit a Tender. This automatically updates their tender status in the Tendering tool to 'Submitted' and you can view their attachment on their response page. See Can tenderers submit their tender via email or must they sign in? and Review Submitted Tenders.


  1. Navigate to the project's Tendering tool. 
  2. Click View on the relevant tender package.
  3. Click View next to the Tenderer's name you want to submit on behalf of.
    Click the Add Tenderers button to add a new tenderer, see Search for and Invite Tenderers.
  4. Fill in the Tender Sheet section.
    Note: You can attach proposals and other documents in the Attachments section.
  5. Click Submit Tender.