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Below are the notable changes for the project's Budget tool in 2021.

Advanced Forecasting Feature Setting Now Carries Over in a Project Template (6/21/2021)

When you configure a project template in Procore (see Configure a Project Template), Procore now copies the setting for the 'Enable Advanced Forecasting' feature from the Configure Settings page of the project's Budget tool into a new project. To learn more, see Configure Settings: Budget. To learn about the other settings that get copied to a new project, see What gets copied over to a new project when applying a project template?

Advanced Forecasting Features Now Available by Default (04/20/2021)

Project teams can now Set Up a New Forecasting View to Apply Advanced Forecasting Curves on a new Forecasting tab of the Budget tool. This feature helps project teams evaluate current and future budget conditions. The features were initially announced and available in June 2020 as a limited release to Procore customers who specifically requested the features be turned ON. Now, it is available to all Procore users by default. To learn more, see Project Financials: Advanced Forecasting Available by Default.

Updated Budget Import Template and Import Process (04/05/2021)

Procore has updated the budget import template and import process. The import template now only supports the XLSX file format. In addition, we've updated the template to include drop-down lists for Sub Jobs (if enabled), Cost Code, and Cost Type. If you are using the Budget tool's advanced forecasting feature, you can now also input the Start Date, End Date, and Curve for your forecasting curves. To learn how to import a budget, see Import a Budget