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Below are notable changes to the project's Programme tool in 2018.

Recent Changes

Updated Programme Calendar Interface (1/11/2018)

Updated the user interface of the Programme tool's calendar view. Changed colours, removed the sidebar and updated the look and feel of the calendar.

Uploads Now Support MPXJ 6.1.0 File Uploads (26/10/2018) 

Updated the Project level Programme tool so end users can now upload programmes generated by

Removed Programme Sidebar (4/10/2018)

Moved elements from the sidebar to the top of the page and removed the sidebar from the UI.

Confirm Delete Action for Calendar Items (27/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Programme tool to add a confirmation dialogue that will now appear for the user to confirm the delete action when attempting to delete a calendar item. 

Added Programme Columns to Custom Programme Reports (30/4/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tools to add programme fields to the custom reports feature: Baseline Start, Baseline Finish, Start Variance and Finish Variance.

Gantt Chart Now Available in Programme Tool (4/4/2018)

Updated the Project level Programme tool to make the Gantt Chart visible. Users with 'Admin' level permission on the Programme tool can now select the Enable MS Project Viewer tickbox on the Configure Settings page. This providers end users with the ability to click the Gantt Chart link in the right sidebar to open a page that reveals the Gantt Chart view of their project's programme. See Configure Advanced Settings: Project Programme.

Added Support For Asta Powerproject Files & SureTrak (26/3/2018)

Updated the Project level Programme tool to support Asta Powerproject files and SureTrak (STX) files. See Which Asta Powerproject file formats are supported by Procore? and Upload a Project Programme File to Procore's Web Application

Updated Programme PDF Export Filenames (24/1/2018)

Updated the project's Programme tool to improve how exported PDF files are named. This makes file names more uniform with the conventions used by other Procore tools:

  • For 'All' Export: Programme Items (All)_YYYY-MM-DD.pdf
  • For 'Day' Export: Programme Items (Day)_YYYY-MM-DD.pdf
  • For 'Week' Export: Programme Week View (YYYY-MM-DD - YYYY-MM-DD).pdf
  • For 'Month' Export: Programme Month View _YYYY-MM.pdf