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Standalone Procore Estimating


Please refer to these resources if you are using the standalone Procore Estimating product (, previously known as Esticom. These resources are also applicable if you are using the embedded experience that connects with Procore projects and tools.

If you are using the Estimating tools exclusively within the Procore application (, see the Estimating and Cost Catalog support pages instead.

The standalone Procore Estimating application combines advanced takeoff and estimating capabilities to help build accurate construction cost estimates and win more projects in less time.

  • Quickly and accurately perform a takeoff on plans, with available Autocount.
  • Generate detailed estimates using expansive trade catalogs of national-average pricing.

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General FAQs

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Procore Estimating has a 14-day free trial that starts automatically on sign-up. No credit-card is required and you may cancel at any time.

Is the free trial restricted?

No, there are no restrictions on the free trial. The trial is fully-functional. 

What data is synchronized?

Plans and projects from Procore are available in the Estimating interface, along with cost codes / types. Estimate data is pushed back into Procore in the form of Budget data. 

Where is data stored?

Estimating data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure US-based datacenters. See Procore's privacy policy for more information.