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Release Notes for 2021-05-17

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Below are notable changes for the Procore web application for the week ending Friday, May 14, 2021.

Core Tools

No notable changes.


No notable changes.

Project Management

Action Plans

Notifications Now Available in Action Plans

Users can now send notifications from the Action Plans tool on Procore's web and mobile applications. Current functionality allows notifications to be sent when an assigned item is unblocked and the assignee can take action on the assigned item.


Redesign for PDF Exports of RFIs

Procore has updated the design of PDF exports for items from the project's RFIs tool. See Export an RFI to PDF.

Updates to RFI 'Response Added' Email Configuration

Procore has updated the 'Response Added' email configuration in the project's RFIs tool. When 'Response Added' emails are enabled and the Only Show Response to Standard and Read Only Users tickbox is marked (see Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs), an RFI's creator who has 'Standard' level permissions on the tool will receive an email when a response on the RFI is marked 'Official' if the 'Creator' tickbox is marked in the RFI Emails table. Note: Other users with roles on the RFI will not receive an email when a response on the RFI is marked 'Official', even if tickboxes for their roles are marked in the RFI Emails table. See When does the RFIs tool send email notifications?


Configure Gantt Chart Columns in the Project Programme Tool

Users now have the flexibility to configure all columns on the Gantt chart to their liking. Configuring the columns from the configure drop down allows users to dictate what order the columns show on the Gantt chart. Previously, the Task Name column was locked into the the first position, see Configure Columns.


Redesign for PDF Exports of Submittals and Submittal Packages

Procore has updated the design of PDF exports for submittals and submittal packages from the project's Submittals tool. See Export a Submittal and Export a Submittal Package.

Financial Management

No notable changes.

Resource Management

No notable changes.

App Marketplace

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