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Quality and Safety


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tool-icon_inspections_web-project-level.png Inspections icon-video.png Create Inspection Template
icon-video.png Create Project Level Inspection
icon-video.png Perform Inspections (Mobile)
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tool-icon_incidents_web-project-level.png Incidents icon-video.png Configure Incidents View Tutorials
tool-icon_punch-list_web-project-level.png Snag List icon-video.png Configure Snag List View Tutorials
tool-icon_observations_web-project-level.png Observations icon-video.png Configure Observations
icon-video.png Create Observations
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tool-icon_daily-log_web-project-level.png Site Diary icon-video.png Configure Site Diary Settings
icon-video.png Add Site Diary Entries
icon-video.png Site Diary Reports
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tool-icon_mobile_ios.png Procore for Mobile icon-video.png Mobile Set-up for Product Managers
icon-video.png Mobile Set-up for Subcontractors
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