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Create a Bill of Quantities on a Client Contract using the Project's Budget


To create line items on a commitment contract's Bill of Quantities (BOQ) using the line items from a project's budget. 


After your construction project's original budget is finalised in the project's Budget tool, it is recommended that you lock the budget. Once locked, you can use the steps below to quickly import your budget line items to your main contract's BOQ. With this action, each line item on the project's budget creates a line item on the contract's BOQ. 


The example below shows you the line items on a budget that can be used to create corresponding line items on the contract's BOQ. For example, 01-000-Purpose: Labour, 01-002-Instructions: Labour, 01-010 Project Manager: Labour and so on. 


Things to Consider



  1. Navigate to the project's Client Contracts tool. 
  2. Locate the contract to update. Then click its Number link.
  3. Click the Bill of Quantities tab.
  4. ​Below the 'Bill of Quantities' table, click Import. Then choose BOQ from Budget from the drop-down menu.

  5. In the 'Import Bill of Quantities from Budget?' window, click Import
    • If the BOQ is blank, the following message appears. 

    • If the BOQ has existing line items, all existing line items will be replaced with the line items in the budget.

      Procore replaces any existing line items on the Bill of Quantities with the line items current in the project's budget. This can take several minutes. Once the import is complete, a GREEN banner appears to indicate the action was successful and the line items appear in the 'Bill of Quantities' table.