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Revise & Resubmit a Payment Application as a Payment Application Contact (Legacy)

 Legacy Content

This page details the legacy subcontractor payment application experience. A modernised experience is also available. 


To review, revise and resubmit a subcontractor payment application as payment application contact after one (1) or more line item(s) have been rejected. 


After an payment application contact submits a subcontractor payment application, an payment application administrator must review your payment application before it is approved for payment. An payment application administrator is any Procore user who has been granted sufficient permissions to approve or reject your payment application's line items. For details, see Review a Subcontractor Payment application as an Admin.

As a payment application contact, you may have been granted sufficient access permissions to view the status of the individual line items after this review. For each line item on the payment application, you are informed of the status as follows:

  • Lines with a green tick icon-inspections-pass.png indicate the line item was Approved.
  • Lines with a red x icon-inspections-fail.png indicate the line item was Rejected. The payment application manager might also enter an explanation for the rejection in the 'Comments' column. 

If a line item is rejected, the payment application's status is updated to 'Revise & Resubmit'. Procore sends the payment application contact an email notification, who can then review the rejected line items on the payment application and adjust the values on those line items as needed.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To revise and resubmit a subcontractor payment application, 'Standard' level permissions on the project's Commitments tool and you must be the designated 'Invoice Contact' on the commitment. See Add Payment application Contacts to a Purchase Order or Subcontract. This automatically adds you to the 'Private' drop-down list on the purchase order or subcontract.



  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
  2. Under the Contracts tab, locate the commitment to work with. 
  3. Click the Number link to open the contract. 
  4. Click the contract's Payment applications tab. 
  5. Locate the payment application to review in the 'Invoices (Payment applications)' table. Click Edit.
  6. On the Detail tab, in the 'Line Items' table, click Edit.
  7. Review the line items in the table and adjust the values in each line item as appropriate.
    • Items with a GREEN tick icon-inspections-pass.png to the left of the line item have been approved by a payment application administrator.
    • Items with a RED x icon-inspections-fail.png to the left of the line item mean it has been rejected by the payment application administrator. You can hover over the icon to view any comments explaining why the line item was rejected. 
  8. Optional. If there are any variations available to add to the payment application, they are listed in the 'Approved Commitment Variations to Add to this Payment application' table. To add the variation to this payment application's line items, click Add to Payment application. Then update the line items as appropriate. 
  9. When you are ready to resubmit the payment application, click Submit for Review.